Автор проекта:
Марина В. Воробьева

The "Woman in Religions" site is an informational resource; its main aim is to support distribution of information about women in the area of religion. Aside from the research direction of the site there are also tasks of coverage of world processes and psychological and legal counseling for women in need of such assistance.

It would be true to claim the problematic of the "Woman in Religions" site as "gender religious studies". The very name of the site (and also the project within the framework of which it was created) underlines its uniqueness and provides for possibilities of fruitful dialogue between ethnographers, religious studies scholars, psychologists, lawyers, specialists in gender issues research.

The project is informationally and analytically supported by "Contemporary Religious Studies" and Religious Studies Research Center "Ethna".

Autor of the project: Marina V. Vorobjova.

At this time the site is in the stage of construction. We invite anyone willing to participate in the work of our project. Contact e-mail: woman@upelsinka.com

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